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From a very early age Kathy would see images of spirit on her bedroom wall and far from being afraid she took extreme comfort from these experiences.

She feels that she inherited her psychic abilities from her grandmother who read tea leaves and was extremely intuitive.

In her teenage years Kathy had many spiritual experiences, and soon realised that she was the only member of her family to have this gift. This seemed perfectly normal to her as it was part of her everyday life. She kept these feelings to herself, but she did realise that she had the ability and gift to sense, see and hear spirit.

After the passing of her grandmother Kathy attended the Hampton Hill spiritualist Church to further her development of mediumship. Kathy had a wonderful teacher/mentor who taught her how to discipline and expand her awareness and ability.

Kathy then attended the Arthur Findlay College in Stanstead Hall to further her development as a medium and teacher.

This training has enabled her to demonstrate mediumship in numerous spiritualist churches and theatres in the Home Counties. Kathy frequently works in Switzerland with other mediums to prove that there are no barriers with language or communication from the spirit world. 

Kathy has in the past had the opportunity to work with Ray Brown who is well know as a Psychic surgeon. During this time she came to understand more about healing energies and is now a registered healer.

Kathy holds development classes for like-minded people who have an interest and show signs of having psychic abilities. These were first held at a Spiritualist Church in Church Crookham Fleet, then in Lightwater and now in Camberley Surrey. These classes are held on a regular basis.

Kathy holds workshops on development of mediumship, psychic awareness, meditation and healing.

For the last 25 years Kathy has seen clients for private readings to give help, support and guidance from loved ones from spirit.

Kathy believes that one of her purposes in this life is to teach others that life is eternal and that the spirit lives on.